• Peter Piper is mad that Little Red Riding Hood is eating one of his peppers, so the super readers climb into the book, Hansel and Gretel, to help Hansel And Gretel make the witch nice, Pig follow the letter to the witches house, Princess pea spells, Raft to helps us get across the river, and super why helps the witch open the door, when super says "let's go" princess pea spells fix, to fix the witches house and then they went back to the book club to gives us our super story answer, the letter are, A, S, K, F, I, R, S, And T. spells, Ask First, and then red asks peter piper if he can have is pickles,

When Whyatt says "Hey, look!", it is the same thing from The 3 Little Pigs and different to The Frog Prince.

This is the prequel to Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy Adventure.

This is the 1st episode Pig is scared of butterflies, the other one is Thumbelina.