(The scene goes over to the Library. The camera pans over to a bookshelf and Whyatt appears from behind a red book dressed in his pjs.)

Whyatt: "Hi, so glad you're here. It's me Whyatt."

(A secret door appears behind Whyatt. Whyatt enters the door and arrives in Storybook Village where it was night time.)

Whyatt: "Welcome to Storybook Village where all our fairy tale friends live."

(Whyatt's super duper computer begins beeping and he looks at it.)

Whyatt: "Oh look, my Baby Sister, Joy is asleep, let's say 'goodnight.'"

(Whyatt runs over to his beanstalk house. Along the way, he notices Red Riding Hood in her pjs , who is tucking her puppy in.)

Whyatt: Hi, Red."

Red: "See ya in the morning, Whyatt"

(Whyatt arrives at his beanstalk house.)