(The scene goes over to the Library. The camera pans over to a bookshelf and Whyatt appears from behind a red book.)

Whyatt: "Hi, so glad you're here. It's me Whyatt."

(A secret door appears behind Whyatt. Whyatt enters the door and arrives in Storybook Village.)

Whyatt: "Welcome to Storybook Village where all our fairy-tale friends live."

(Whyatt's super duper computer begins beeping and he looks at it.)

Whyatt: "Oh No, It looks like Red is upset about something; I'd better go see her.

(Whyatt runs over to Red's house. Along the way, he notices Little Boy Blue.)

Whyatt: Hi Little Boy Blue.

(Little Boy Blue waves back at him. He then arrives at Red's house.)

Red: Drats, drats! Double drats!

Whyatt: What's wrong Red.

Red: Look what Peter Piper did to my skateboard!

(Red holds up a red skateboard that has been broken in half.)

Red: Then he ran away and left it at my house.

Whyatt: That is bad.

Red: I really want to teach him a lesson!

Whyatt: What do you want to do?

Red: I want to shove him, punch him in the nose, or break something that he likes. I told Grandma about this; but she said I can't see him until I calm down. But I'm so mad at him!

Whyatt: "This sounds like a super big problem, and a super big problem needs us; the Super Readers."

(Whyatt takes out his super duper computer.)

Whyatt: "Call them with me, say 'Calling all Super Readers'."

Young Kids Echo: "Calling all Super Readers."

Whyatt: "To the book club."

Young Kids Echo: "To the book club."

(Whyatt runs over to the book club.)

Whyatt: "Come on, to the book club."

(Whyatt arrives at the book club.)

Whyatt: "Whyatt here."

(Pig enters.)

Pig: "P is for Pig."

(Red enters.)

Red: "Red Riding Hood rolling in."

(Princess Pea enters.)

Princess Pea: "Princess Pea at your service."

(Puppy enters)

Puppy: [Barking Sounds]

Whyatt: "And you; say your name."

(Pause for the answer.)

"Great, we're all here; together, we will solve Red's problem."

(Everyone enters the book club and heads to their personal chairs. Whyatt enters his super duper computer into the database and information is uploaded into it. Then Red takes the stand.)

Whyatt: "Okay, Red, state your problem.

Red: Peter Piper broke my skateboard and I want to teach him a lesson. Grandma says I shouldn't do anything, but I'm so mad.

Princess Pea: Oh my peas.

Red: What should I do about Peter Piper?

Whyatt: Good Question Red, when we have a question we look …

All 5: In a book.

Pig: Which book should we look in?

Princess Pea: Peas and carrots Carrots and peas Book come out Please please please.

(A book with the title Moby Dick flies out of the bookshelf.)

Whyatt: Let's read the title of this book ...

Whyatt: (reading the title of the book) Moby Dick.......

Whyatt: We know what to do; we need to jump into this book and find the answer to Red's question.

Whyatt: First we look for super letters, then we put them in our super duper computer.

Whyatt: Super duper computer, how many super letters do we need?

(A screen with the message '_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _' appears on the computer screen.)

Whyatt: Oh! In this story, we need 9 super letters. And then we'll get our super story answer.

It's time to transform. Ready?

All 5: Ready.

Whyatt: Arm's in: put your arm in.

(Everyone puts their arms out.)

Whyatt: Super Readers …

All 5: To the Rescue!

(Pig transforms into Alpha Pig.)

Alpha Pig: Alpha Pig with alphabet power!

(Red transforms into Wonder Red.)

Wonder Red: Wonder Red with word power!

(Princess Pea transforms into Princess Presto.)

Princess Presto: Princess Presto with spelling power!

(Whyatt transforms into Super Why.)

Super Why: Super Why with the power to read!

(Puppy transforms into Woofster.)

Woofster: "and Woofster, with dictionary power!"

(The Super Readers are standing in the book club.)

Super Why: Together we are …

All: The Super Readers!

Super Why: Why fliers.

(The why fliers appear and the team hops into their why fliers.)

Super Why: We're ready to fly into this book.

(The Super Readers fly into The Moby Dick book.)

Musical Narrator: Super Readers to the rescue

it's time to fly with the Super Readers

'cause we've got a problem to solve

Super Readers to the rescue

Super Readers: working together

With the power to read

Into books we fly

To find the super story answer

In Super Why

'Super Readers to the rescue '

(The whyfliers land and the team hops off of them.)

Princess Presto: Presto! We're in the Moby Dick book.

Super Why: Let's read. Whywriter highlight.

(The whywriter shines a light on the story.)

Super Why: Read with me.

Captain Ahab was a great sailor.

(Scene shifts to Captain Ahab celebrating with his crew.)

Super Why: A white whale named Moby Dick sank one of Captain Ahab's ships.

(Scene shifts to Moby Dick jumping and playing in the ocean. He accidentally jumps to high and creates a wave that sinks a ship.)

Super Why: Captain Ahab wanted revenge against Moby Dick.

(Scene shifts to an angry Captain Ahab yelling at his crew.)

Captain Ahab: I don't care what we have to do, that whale must pay for what he's done.

Wonder Red: Captain Ahab's mad at what Moby Dick did to his ship; just like I'm mad at Peter Piper for what he did to my skateboard.

Super Why: And that Super Readers is why we are in this story. Both Red and Captain Ahab want revenge.

Alpha Pig: Let's see what Captain Ahab does about Moby Dick.

Wonder Red: To Captain Ahab, let's roll.

(The Super Readers board Captain Ahab's ship.)

Super Why: Captain Ahab, we're the Super Readers and we want to talk to you.

Captain Ahab: Arr Super Readers, we're ready cast off and find the white whale Moby Dick.

Crewmate: Captain, we can't cast off.

Ahab: And why not?

Crewmate: We don't have a sail; all we have is this pail.

Ahab: But we have to go get Moby Dick.

Wonder Red: Wonder Red to the rescue!

Wonder Red: With my wonder words basket, I can get something that will help us get going.

(Wonder Red looks at the word Pail. Wonder Red points to the P.) Wonder Red: What letter is this?

Answer: P.

Wonder Red: What sound does it make?

Young Kids Answer: puh puh.

Wonder Red: Pu Pu. And what does this say?

(Wonder Red points to the ail.)

Young Kids Answer: Ail.

Wonder Red: Ail. What word is this?

Young Kids Answer: Pail.

Wonder Red: Pail is an ail word, I love ail words.

Wonder Red *singing*: Ail, pail, sail

Wonderrific, you're terrific

Snail, hail, quail

Wonderrific, you're terrific Ail.

(Wonder Red opens her wonder words basket and the word snail comes out. Wonder Red points to the sn.)

Wonder Red: What letters are these?

Young Kid Answer: S,N.

Wonder Red: S and N. What sound to they make?

Young Kids Answer: snuh, snuh.

Wonder Red: Snuh snuh. And we know that this word is ail. What word is this?

Answer: Snail.

Wonder Red: Let's see what happens when we change pail to snail.

(The pail turns into a snail.)

Captain Ahab: A snail, what good is a snail?

Wonder Red: Will a snail get the ship moving?

Young Kids Answer: No.

Wonder Red: Double drats!, we need something to get the ship moving.

(The snail changes back into a pail. Wonder Red opens her basket again and the word sail comes out. Wonder Red points to the s.)

Wonder Red: What letter is this?

Young Kids Answer: S.

Wonder Red: What sound does it make?

Young Kids Answer: sss, sss.

Wonder Red: Sss sss. And we know that word is ail. What word is this?

Young Kids Answer: Sail.

Wonder Red: Let's see what happens when we change the pail to a sail.

(The pail turns into a sail. The ships starts to move with the sail up.)

Wonder Red: Wonderrific, you are terrific. We changed the pail to a sail.

Captain Ahab: Now I can catch Moby Dick.

(Two super letters, O and Z, fall out of the sail.)

Super Why: You see super letters? Which letters do you see?

Young Kids Answer: O, Z.

Super Why: O and Z. Let's put them in our Super Duper Computer.

(Super Why puts the O and Z in the computer. A screen saying _ _ O _ _ _ _ Z _ appears.)

Super Why: Seven more super letters and we'll get our super story answer

(The Super Readers walk over to Captain Ahab.)

Captain Ahab: Now we have to find that whale and catch it.

Sailor: But where can we find Moby D*ck; we don't know where he is?

Woofster: How will we fix the leak?

Alpha Pig: “Alpha Pig to the rescue!”

Alpha Pig: “With my terrific alphabet telescope, I can find the trail to lead us to Moby Dick.

Alpha Pig: “Now Moby Dick is a whale, so let's find the letters in the word whale to get to him.

Alpha Pig: First we need the W?

(Alpha Pig looks out and sees one path with a D on it, another one with an F, and the third one has a W.)

Alpha Pig: Where's the W?

Young Kids Answer: That one.

Alpha Pig: Right, there it is.

(The ship sails to the W.)

Alpha Pig: Now we need an H.

(The next path has an I, the second one has an H, and the third one has a B.)

Alpha Pig: Where's the H?

Young Kids Answer: There.

Alpha Pig: Yes, I see it too.

(The ship sails to the H.)

Alpha Pig: The next letter is the letter A.

(The next path has a G, the second one has a U, and the third one has an A.)

Alpha Pig: Where's the A?

Young Kids Answer: That one, right There.

Alpha Pig: Yes, there it is.

(The ship sails to the A.)

Alpha Pig: Now we need an L.

(The next path has an L, the second one has a T, and the third one has a C.)

Alpha Pig: Where's the L?

Young Kids Answer: Over there.

Alpha Pig: Yes, we found it.

(The ship sails to the L.)

Alpha Pig: We need to find an E so we can find Moby Dick.

(The next path has an O, The second one has an E, and the third one has an R.)

Alpha Pig: Where's the E?

Young Kids Answer: There.

Alpha Pig: Yes, there it is.

(The ship sails to the E and then Moby Dick leaps out of the water.)

Alpha Pig: Lickity letters, we followed the word whale and found Moby Dick.

Alpha Pig: "Let's give ourselves a big thumbs up."

(Alpha Pig gives a thumbs out.)

Scene shifts to Moby D*ck starts splashing around the letter P O and I appear.)

Super Why: You found more super letters? which letters do you see?"

Young Kid's Answer: "P, O, and I"

Super Why: "P, O and I, let's put them in our Super Duper Computer."

(Super Why puts the P, O, and I in the computer. A screen saying _ P O _ O _ I Z _ appears.)

Super Why: Four more super letters and then we'll get our super story answer

Captain Ahab: Now to get Moby Dick.

(Captain Ahab launches a net that traps Moby Dick.)

Captain Ahab: Yes, now I've got him.

Moby Dick: Help!

Captain Ahab: There will be no help for you. Now I will have my revenge.

Super Why: What are you going to do?

Captain Ahab: Whatever I want; that will teach him to sink my ship.

(Captain Ahab starts throwing rocks at Moby Dick.)

Princess Presto: Oh my peas, this is terrible!

Wonder Red: Why are you being so mean Captain Ahab?

Captain Ahab: I have to; it's in my story ...

(The words Captain Ahab dislikes Moby Dick appear on the screen.)

Captain Ahab: Captain Ahab dislikes Moby Dick.

Alpha Pig: How are we going to stop him?

Super Why: Super Why to the rescue!

Super Why: With the power to read, I can change this story and save the day!

(Super Why flies over to the sentence.)

Super Why: Let's change the word 'dislikes' in this sentence.

Super Why: Let's zap it.

Super Why: Ready, set, zap!

(Super Why uses the Whywriter to zap the word dislikes.)

Super Why: "Whywriter, write."

(The words teases, forgives, and bullies appears on a screen.)

Super Why: Super readers, we need to get Captain Ahab to start liking Moby Dick. Which word would help him from start liking somebody else. Teases, forgives, or bullies.

Super Why: Hmm, maybe forgives. Which word is forgives? It starts with an F.

Young Kids Answer: There

Super Why: Yes,

(Super Why zaps the word forgives and flies over to the sentence.)

Super Why: now let's zap it into the sentence. Ready ... set ... zap.

(Super Why replaces the dislikes hates with forgives.)

Super Why: Let's read and see what happens.

Super Why: (reading the sentence) Captain Ahab forgives Moby Dick.

Moby Dick: I'm sorry for sinking your ship Captain Ahab; I promise to be more careful.

Captain Ahab: All right, I forgive you. And I'm sorry I was so angry.

Super Why: Did forgiving get Captain Ahab to start liking Moby Dick?

Young Kids Answers: Yes.

Super Why: Yes, Super job Super Readers, We changed the story and Captain Ahab is starting to like Moby Dick.

Sailor: How do you feel captain?

Captain Ahab: I feel better; a lot better then when I was angry.

Alpha Pig: Wow forgiveness really works.

(Captain Ahab releases Moby D*ck. Moby Dick jumps back into the water and the letters E, Z, L, and A fly out of the water.)

Super Why: "You found our last super letters? what letters did you find?"

Young Kids Answer: "E, Z, L, and A"

Super Why: "E, Z, L, and A"

Super Why: "Let's put them in our Super Duper Computer."

(Super Why puts the E, Z, L, and A into the computer.)

Super Why: "We found all of our super letters."

Super Why: "Now we can get our super story answer."

Super Readers: Bye everyone.

Moby Dick: Bye Super Readers.

Super Why: "Why fliers."

(The why fliers fly over to the Super Readers.)

Super Why: "Back to the book club."

(The Super Readers hop into the why fliers and fly back to the book club.)

Musical Narrator: We found the super story answer with Super Why.

(Everybody changes back and returns to the book club. Then they head over to the super duper computer Whyatt enters his super duper computer into the database and information is uploaded into it.)

Whyatt: "Super duper computer, give us our super story answer."

(The super duper computer processes the answer.)

Whyatt: Read the letters with me."

Whyatt: "A... P... O... L... O... G... I... Z... E. Apologize"

Whyatt: "Our super story answer is apologize."

[Fireworks Exploding And Whistling]

Whyatt: “But why?”

Princess Pea: When Captain Ahab apologized to Moby Dick, he felt better.

Red: So my question is; what should I do about being mad at Peter Piper?

Whyatt: "And the answer is..."

All 5: "Apologize."

Red: Maybe I should talk to Peter Piper and apologize him. I'll go do that.

(Red runs off to find Peter Piper. She finds him at the playground.)

Red: Peter Piper!

Peter Piper: Hi Red. Look, I'm really sorry I broke your skateboard. If you want, I can help fix it.

Red: I'm sorry that was mad at first,

Peter Piper: Do you forgive me?

Red: Of course I forgive you.

Peter Piper: Thanks for not being mad.

Red: You know, I feel a lot better now.

Peter Piper: Do you want to go fix your skateboard.

Red: Yes.

Whyatt: Hip hip hooray! The Super Readers save the day!

Narrator *singing*: Hip hip hooray! The Super Readers save the day! We changed the story

We solved the problem

We worked together so hip hip hooray.

Hip hip hooray! The Super Readers save the day!

Hip hip hooray! The Super Readers save the day!