Build Pig
Pig kneeling near a tree.






Yellow, Blue Eyes, Blue

Blue, Orange (Alpha Pig)






Middlest Pig

Eldest Pig

Papa Pig

Voice Actors

Zachary Bloch (Seasons 1-2)

Samuel Faraci (Season 3, onwards)

Pig was the final fourth member of Super Readers. He is the Littlest Pig in his family, but is only called/known to most as Pig. He loves to build and make things while pretending to be a construction worker like his Papa Pig.

Pig is usually friendly and in a good mood, but he often has to deal with more dominant people bullying or harassing him until he gets angry or upset. But with a little help from his friends and the powers of Alpha Pig, he'll be defending himself by the end of the day!


Pig, like the other Super Readers is very friendly and usually happy with a passive, gentle nature. He loves to play with others and build mostly-anything, but its easy to frustrate or upset him when dealing with any type of problem. Even if its not really a big deal. However, he is often a target of being bullied or harassed by others, on purpose or by accident.

At first, Pig has trouble standing up for himself and he has shown cowardly streaks. But with some help from his friends he'll stand up for himself or anyone who may have been hurt in the procees and tell the person how he feels and how badly they acted.

Pig also sometimes has problems dealing with the fact he's the youngest pig out of three, his two older brothers often think he cannot do certain things and believe he is too little to do most things, such as adventuring or building a specific object. So they tend to generally ignore him.

While he does come off a little nervous and easily frightened, Pig is always willing to lend a hand and cares very much when someone is in trouble!


As stated, Pig and his brothers look up to their father and as such they all seem to dress the same in the Pig Family. Like all Pig's he is pink-tan skinned with slightly flopped ears and a snout. His eyes are bright blue.

Main Outfit

Pig wears a yellow Tee-shirt with a pair of blue jean overalls and a white hard-hat/cap. His shoes are plain brown work boot-shoes.

Other Outfits

At the beach, Pig wears a teal shirt iwth yellow and white markings, a pair of blue swim trunks, jean-blue shoes, and an orange and yellow fishing hat. Typically worn by males at the beach.

On Halloween, Pig dressed up as a dragon. Wearing a green cap on his head with a nose, small white fangs, purple eyes, yellow hair in the middle of its head, and big white horns. He also had a green tail attached to the outfit.

Alpha Pig

Alpha Pig is Pig's transformed self. His alphabet toolbox includes an Alphabet Map, Lucky Letter Lasso, Brilliant Binoculars, Mega Magnifying glass, and a Fabulous Flashlight!

Alpha Pig usually uses his skills to build or fix items. To do this he simply builds his wooden letters and then uses them to build or fix the desired object in question by spelling a word resembling it. He is also resourceable and can follow alphabet trails, either by connecting a capital letter with lowercase letters, or by just looking for the right pathways.

As Alpha Pig, Pig wears a blue-purple one-piece suit with orange markings and toolbet with a triangle in the center, a yellow cape, orange, brown, and yellow sneakers, and an orange hard-hat with a very tiny propeller that pops out. He also wears goggles over his eyes, most likely to protect them.

Pig's Why flyer is purple-blue with orange and yellow wings on each side, and a single wing on the back with a small purple-blue fan piece. Inside of his why flyer is yellow and orange with a glass piece in front of him and a wheel. His why flyer also has a big purple-blue propeller on top, right behind him. It's question mark trail is pale orange.


As Said, Pig is the littest pig in his family. He has two older brothes, one wearing green the other wearing red. The three brothers try to work together but often argue over how to do things or in which order to do them...

Poppa Pig: Pig really looks up to his father and to show this, he usually pretends to be a construction worker. All three pig sons most likely admire their dad and wish to be construction workers like him.

Problems Pig Encountered