Pinocchio is a young child who appeares in the episode, "Pinocchio" as the star character. It begins after he accidentally broke his fathers wooden doll. They live together in a toy shop in a small village-like town.

While the original Pinocchio was a wooden boy it is unknown if this boy was or is.

Pinocchio is voiced by Graeme Jokic.


A young child who is still learning the ways of the world. Pinocchio is very playful and due to this, he accidentally causes a mess or breaks things quite easily. He does not mean to and out of habit, will lie to his papa despite how badly it makes him feel regarding it. He has a very big concious and admits to feeling a lot better when he finally admitted the truth to Gepetto.

Before then however, he had no problem lying and kept on denying what he did, no matter how guilty it made him feel.

Whenever he lies, his nose grows in size. Which may have been what was implying that Gepetto knew Pinocchio was lying to him but he waited for Pinocchio to confess what he did all on his own, knowing it would be for the best anyway.

Pinocchio really loves Papa Gepetto and does not ever want him angry with him.


Pinocchio is a small child about as tall as Whyatt and the other Super Readers. With brown skin and a round, wooden nose. His eyes are black-brown and he has rosy cheeks, small brown eyebrows and brown, slightly curled hair above his ears. He wears a white T-shirt with a deep blue vest, teal-grean shorts, short white socks, and brown shoes with small buckles.

In all of his beta forms, Pinocchio had the same skin, facial expression and hair. But his eyes were blue while his hair darkened over style.

Beta A: A red pointed hat with pink feather and a pair of teal-green overalls over a white T-shirt, below the knee white socks, and brown shoes.

Beta B: Hat is purple and blue, feather is white, overalls an off purple color, shirt is blue, socks are same, hair and shoes are darker.

Beta C: Pinocchio gained a greenish cap, blue T-shirt with smaller collar and an opened brown vest, brown-gray pants, and short white socks and dark brown shoes.



  • It is unknown if Pinocchio has a fairy godmother much like how the original Pinocchio did.