Two girls who appear near the end of Rumpelstiltskin. They are friends of Princess who had been invited to come to a party she was going to throw. Princess was worried the castle wouldn't look well and kept trying to decorate and add more golden ornaments and decorations.

When they arrived both girls seemed impressed which made Princess very happy!

It is unknown if they are Princesses or middle-class girls. Most likely they are lower/middle-class, given by their attire.


Girl 1: A fair-tan skinned girl with green eyes and light brown curly hair that is almost shoulder length with a single bang curling towards the right side of her head. Her dress is seafoam colored with pale blue ruffles at the chest, and a matching colored hat and shoes.

Girl 2: An African-American girl with dark brown eyes and black puffed-curled hair. Her dress is peach-light orange and her extra color is white. But unlike Girl 1, her hat is white with a peach-orange band, not the main color with extra color strap.


  • As of now, they are one of the few characters without a known name in the series.