Plot Summary

Whyatt is Princess Pea’s partner for a dance, but he doesn’t know how to dance very well, and he doesn’t want her to quit because she has no partner. So, the Super Readers blast off into the Odyssey and meet Odysseus, a man with the difficult task of finding his way home. Can the Super Readers help Odysseus brave an angry sea god, a cyclops, sirens, a six-headed monster called the Scylla and a deadly whirlpool, or will Odysseus just give up?


In this story, we'll...

  • practice the magic of spelling
  • rhyme with "???" words.
  • and use the power to read to change the story


Super Story Answer

Try Hard


  • This is another episode that Alpha Pig does not have a part in the interactivity, after Dr. Doolittle.


The Odyssey transcript