Twelve Dancing Princesses
12 Princesses





Theme Colors:

Cyan, Neon Purple, Lime Green, Light Blue, Dark Yellow

Purple, Pink, Blue, Light Orange

magenta pink/red, light yellow, seafoam

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The twelve dancing princesses are a bunch of Princesses who appear in the episode of the same name, "The 12 Dancing Princesses". Whyatt and the other Super Readers went into this book when he was becoming suspicious about a secret his entire family was keeping from him.

All of the Princess love to dance, as hinted at in their name, and are all sisters related to one-another. They had been keeping a secret surprise from their father, the king.



As there are 12 girls in total, they are numbered from the front row to the last, right to left according to the image. All of them are fair skinned with black-brown eyes, small noses, and reddish lips, along with wearing blue dance slippers and a gold crown.

While they generally look the same, they all do have some differences and no 2 girls are the same. They have 3 different hairstyles: Curly flip, shoulder straight, and pigtails.

1: Has shoulder length sandy blond hair with pulled back bangs. Wears a teal dress

2: Curled with a flip light brown-orange hair with curled bangs. Wears neon purple dress.

3: Wears a green dress and has her red-brown hair pulled into pigtails. Her bangs are pulled back.

4: Pale-brown shoulder length hair, wears sky blue dress.

5: Wears dull-yellow dress with her dark purple hair in pigtails.

6: Brown hair worn in curled flip, wears purple dress

7: Blond shoulder length hair, wears pink dress

8: Red-brown pigtails, wears deep blue dress

9: Shoulder length pale brown hair, wears orange

10: Brown hair worn in flip curls, wears an odd shade of pink dress

11: Dark brown hair worn in pigtails, wears yellow-chiffon dress.

12: Brown-orange hair in curled flip, wears seafoam-green dress.


  • While each Princess is unique, they each have the same hair color and style as another. These being:
    • 1 and 7
    • 2 and 12
    • 3 and 8
    • 4 and 9
    • 5 and 11
    • 6 and 10
  • Each hairstyle is used exactly 4 times. 1, 4, 7, and 9 have straight shoulder length. 2, 6, 10, and 12 have curled flips. Finally, 3, 5, 8, and 11 have pigtails.